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Andy Heard Brass Instrument repairs and Servicing


Do you play a musical instrument?  

Are your valves starting to stick or your tuning slide getting harder and harder to move? 

All instruments need regular servicing to keep the componants working

Andy Heard Brass Instrument Repairs and Servicing in Essex

Being a brass player myself on French Horn and Trumpet, I know what can happen if a valve gets stuck in the middle of a important solo. There is only so much you can do. Servicing your instrument is the best way to keep it in good working order

I trained at The Malden School of Instrument Repairers with Trevor Head.  I have completed courses in Brass repairs and servicing.  Instrument included:

Trumpet, Cornet, Euphonium, Trombone, All Horns

Prices are based on £25 per hour plus materials - I will always assess the instrument's health and quote a price before the start of any work.  

There are 2 levels of service which include the following:

Basic - Visual check of instrument, dismantle and clean, reassemble, oil valves

Full - As above plus renewal of valve felt, clean and grease slides and oil valves

( Prices below  start  from )

Instrument            Basic          Full

Trumpet                  £30            £50

Cornet                    £30            £50 

Flugal Horn            £30            £50

Tenor Horn             £40            £60

French Horn           £50            £70

Euphonium             £50            £70

Trombone               £40            £60

Tuba      Price on Request

Accessible Dents         From  £15.00

Valve Overhaul         From  £15.00

Rotary Valve Overhaul     From  £30.00

Removing Jammed Slides     From  £15.00

Trombone Slide Repairs     From  £40.00

Restringing a French Horn         £15


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Andy Heard Brass Instrument repairs and Servicing

Colchester, Essex, England, United Kingdom

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